ACT customers have absolute assurance that parts will be made and repaired with great attention to quality at an affordable price.








ACT is singularly focused on support of the F-16, and is endorsed by Lockheed Martin F-16 sustainment activities.







ACT is domestically and internationally licensed for F-16 Airframe Structures to include all components and assemblies, manufacturing, repair and sales.







ACT is the only Lockheed Martin F-16 “Certified Parts Licensee.” This certification assures that our clients have first quality parts that are guaranteed not only by ACT, but by Lockheed Martin.

ACT – The Integrated Solution

ACT has assembled a team of seasoned professionals who possess at least 30 years experience in engineering, logistics, manufacturing and program management of the F-16.


ACT offers the products and services necessary to maintain up-to-date F-16 operational capabilities for our customers. ACT supports the worldwide fleet of F-16s with OEM quality products for the airframes and its systems on all delivered F-16 configurations and type versions. Whether you operate early model F-16A/B aircraft or later versions, such as Block 30/32, Block 40/42, Block 50/52, Block 50/52+ and Block 60, ACT offers the products and services to support your needs.

ACT is comprised of a network of key people who conceived, designed, manufactured and sustain the F-16, and offers delivery solutions to meet sustainment needs rapidly at the lowest reasonable costs.